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Snapshots from TCS World 10K Bangalore 2014 : Reaching out to the less privileged

The seventh edition of TCS World 10K Bangalore was held on 18th May 2014. The purpose of the race was to channelize people and resources to the less privileged in the society. I participated in the event representing the NGO Bal Utsav. It is a non-profit education organization dedicated to create educated and empowered global citizens. The organization focuses on educating the non-school going children. Several NGOs, Corporates, Educational Institutions and Individuals participated in the event to promote various social causes.

Have a look at the snapshots from the TCS World 10K 2014 at Bangalore, Southern India. 

The team for Bosco, the NGO working for the young at risk at Bangalore

Sarojini Balasundaram: Ready for the run

Bhavana Rao works for TCS. Participated in the costume round representing the NGO Bal Utsav

Shishir (Casa Blanca) and his friend Avinash

Senior citizens participating for the Association for the mentally challenged

Lenin and Manoj Kumar for ecological awareness

The Think Team

Ashka and Jashel with the message 'Beauty with love and care'

Race and dance to the drum beating

Interesting to see how they cross the muddy water on the road

Ram from Sama Foundation led a team of 25 differently abled persons

Getting ready for the event

Bal Utsav at TCS World 10K

The couple Ramesh and Binu (third and fourth from left), the  leaders of  the Bal Utsav team

Click here to see the snapshots of TCS World 10K 2013

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