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Tell Me, What Should I Eat?

Most of us face this dilemma.
What should I eat?
Let me take you through a tasty journey
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I admit a little exaggeration!
(by 'those' people)

Tell me, what should I eat?

Thought that I am an incurable non-vegetarian.

Then I realized it is a bit dangerous road to tread on .

That was when they told me to cut down on Red Meat.

They said red meat is high in saturated fat and contains high levels of dietary cholesterol.

They suggested white meat instead.

Therefore I turned to white meat.

They pounced on me and told that cooked chicken contains Heterocyclic Amines, Salmonella, Campylobacter etc.

They said, you can have sea food. It is the safest.

Thus I started relishing coastal dishes.

I became a fishitarian.

No, they said. You can’t eat all types of seafood.
You should avoid prawns, sardines etc.

They have high purine content and can raise the uric acid levels.

So I limited myself to a few.
Then came a warning.
Fish contains ammonia and other preservatives and that are harmful…..

They told me to stop fish and have only egg.

So I became an eggitarian.

I started having omelette, bullseye, egg roast, egg ‘burji’ etc.

Then they said, you shall not eat the yolk. It contains dangerously high levels of cholesterol

But you can eat the white, it is full of protein and helps weight loss

I started having curries with egg white.

That was the time they told that even white is not that bright.

They declared. Only vegetarianism is best for human body.

Though sad, I started with what all I liked in vegetarian dishes.

I liked potato, they said No. It will increase the risk of type II diabetes.

I started tapioca, one of the staple diets of my State.

They said cyanogens in the tapioca might be injurious to pancreatic cells

I liked rice for years. They said no rice please.

It will turn to sugar and will make you fat.

No wheat, no maida. All contain carbohydrates.

Maida is bad. Even whole wheat contains Phytic acid.

I was asked to have only ‘Greens’, nothing else.

I searched for what I liked among Greens.

I always liked ladies finger.

They said don’t go after such pretty stuff.

I bought cabbage, they said it is garbage.

Then I tried broccoli and cauliflower. They said it may contain worms

Then I settled for tomato. But they said, avoid tomato. Latest study indicates even small quantities may cause kidney stones.

I tried other vegetables. Peas, Carrot, Beet Root, Turnip, Cucumber, various Gourds, Bringal etc.

They said all these are bad as they contain lot of harmful pesticides

They said all colours are bad whether it is red, yellow or white except green.

They told me to go for only green leafy vegetables.

So I decided to be faithful and became a grass-eater.

I started having kheera soup , drumstick leaves ‘poriyal’ , kheera sambar,
Then came a shock.

They said kheera, we get from vendors are grown in very unhygienic conditions and are harmful for health.

That was a long sermon.

They told me to stop the greens!

They said it is better to have a diet full of fresh vegetables and raw fruits.

But they said, don’t have grapes. They contain pesticides.
In fact, they told me not to consume ‘Dangerous Dozen’ fruits:

They are Nectarines, Celery, Pears, Peaches, Apples, Cherries, Strawberries, Imported Grapes, Spinach, Potatoes, Bell Peppers, and Red Raspberries. They all contain large quantities of pesticides.

They said: Don’t have bananas and mangoes. They are full of sugar. They will make you fat!

Papaya. Not all varities are good.

Only the small ones!! I don’t have any clue why?

So, I decided.

It is better not to eat anything. Better to drink!

They said one or two pegs, not more than thrice a week.

They said, a little alcohol is good for heart

Before I started, they said alcohol is deadly, but one can have beer, it is barley.

I started relishing my beer. It was very refreshing.

It didn’t last too long.

They said beer is more dangerous than Brandy, whiskey and Rum. It will reduce the amount of  enzyme that breaks down triglycerides and spurs the liver to make more triglycerides…

But one can have Wine

Then they corrected. Not white wine. Only red wine.

Before I started knowing various brands of Red Wine, came another warning.

All ‘hard’ drinks are to be avoided.

So I went for ‘soft’ drinks.

I picked Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

They said No. They are very harmful

I sipped fanta and mirinda

They said No. They are to be avoided

Stopped all aerated drinks.

I went for packaged juice. Orange, Apple etc
Then they told me it contains preservatives (though not mentioned)

They told me to drink natural ones.

I thought better to have tender coconut water whenever I feel like to have a soft drink

They told me to restrict myself. It contains sodium and that may raise blood pressure

They advised me to drink milk
Then came the new study by them.

Milk is not good for health (not breast milk!). Milk is not for humans but for calves.

One can have curd or buttermilk.

But I couldn’t continue with milky stuff for long..

They told me.

Take just plain water…Yes, plenty of plain water. But not from the tap, and not from the well.

Only mineral water (ie, packaged drinking water).

I ordered cans and cans of mineral water… It tasted great. At last I found something safe.

Then they e-mailed me a new study report.

It said bottled water contains pesticides and contaminating organisms

Oh What should I do?

I can’t eat! I can’t drink!!

I should just breathe thin air.

They said, breathe as much you can….

But only for some more time…

They say.

Within a few years

I need to put a mask

Also need to buy the air if I need to breathe

It will not be available in the open market.

For that I need to book an oxygen connection.

Oxygen cylinder will be delivered at my door step by the licensee.

But I need not worry.

Government will subsidize its price.

Till international oxygen pool prices are stable…

Once that becomes unstable…

Better that I am unstable..

So that I will be unresponsive




I should not blame.

I too am responsible for this.


Even when I am stable.

I am unresponsive.

Am I too late?

Are we too late??

To change our lifestyle!
To save mother earth!!

To save ourselves!!

Please tell me, what  you think!  
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  1. That's why someone wise said, stop listening to what your heart says :)

  2. Thanks Purba. Sensible people understand the language of the heart!

  3. Sounds like you are in a big dilemma! I guess, we should eat all the pesticides atleast with stuff we like till they kill us! Nice blog you have there.

  4. It is quoted often that the biggest mistake of mankind is a failure to understand the exponential function. I feel like an even biggest mistake is the notion that one has to "strive" for balance. We continue to compound our problems by coming up with short term solutions that give immediate effect and long term pain. For all the advances of science we have not been able to find a formula for balance. Between two opposite extremes of absolutes we shuttle as a ping pong ball experiencing merely fractional seconds of balance in our day to day life. Media tells us what to wear, eat and sleep. This dulls our child like curiousity into lethargic complacency. I wonder if the day is far away when children be born who will cease to wonder about stars. Do our fairy tales seem inspid to the facebook generation already??? Will they ever feel the joys of living a life with their own self created unique vision and a life that is in balance.

    Balance is not sought/fought after. Balance is not measurable. It is not a product of a chemical reaction. Balance is.

    Is it so hard to understand? Does it even require to be understood?

  5. Comments received by e-mail

    The most important point one should bear in mind about eating is that




    The size of our stomach is the size of cupped palms together. Typically, one should eat eat only that much food (as the maximum limit). Any overeating will make the digestive organs to overwork and get us tired.

    Therefore before eating one should find out who is driving the idea, is it the mind or the inner self. Ofter the idea driven by the former will get you into indulgence.

    As regards type of eating is concerned, it really depends on the genes of the individual. The right combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats will ensure proper maintenance of a healthy body.


    Anil Kulkarni
    Fantastic post.
    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely,
    Rejoice Thomas.

    I suggest you eat what our forefathers ate! I am convinced that, all what they taught us is meaningful. Contact me in person with some " charayam" to discuss this further. My advice is that, you don't fall prey to all this, so called, "modern life style" Instead one should make some, so called, therapeutic life style changes! Tom


    Hope you are still alive with just breathing the way, where is pure air to breath????worse than mineral water!!!

    Sindhu John



    My dilemma exactly!

    So I decided to eat whatever I like. And the cholesterol can take a walk.

    R Kesavadas

  6. I think you have known a lot about food!

  7. Thankyou Sajjive for sending the apt cartoon for this article!

  8. Awesome article !!!!!!!!!!!!


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