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Can we have a people's airport? Part-II

BIAL -- Bangalore International Airport is still inaccessible to ordinary air travelers!

Adding to the financial burden (travel cost to reach airport, user fee, and exorbitant amenity charges), there is another burden on the passengers from April 26. That is the toll collection. Cars and Jeeps need to pay Rs 20 for single journey. Mini-buses to pay Rs 30 and buses and trucks need to pay Rs 60. Ultimately the burden is on the passenger. 

It is reported that on the first day of toll collection, it took 3 minutes for a vehicle to move out of the toll plaza. And 60 minutes for twenty vehicles to pass through the toll gate! It takes about 90 minutes to reach the airport from the City and the same will be increased considerably because of the toll collection.

As I shared with you earlier, the fleecing of passengers by the food stalls continues without any relief. 
See the price chart of the sole Indian restaurant inside the terminal.

And what I got after standing in the queue for long? (For about Rs. 130/- .Forget the change! They are very rude if you ask!!) This is what I got! See below.

After collecting the food yourself, you need to frantically wait for somebody to vacate the seat to sit comfortably to have the insipid food!

My question to BIAL. Why this torture and unjust exploitation of passengers? Why can't they make the contractor charge reasonable price? Why can't they reduce the rent so that the contractors can give food at affordable prices?

Please see my article on 'Can we have a people's airport?' FIRST PART


  1. i have always wondered why r things so overpriced at the airport. even CCD and barista charge 50% more! I mean this is the age of discounted fares?

  2. Thanks for your comments confusedyuppie! We get really confused why passengers are 'penalized' with such exorbitant charges!!

  3. Its the rampent comercialization that is doing this! Coffee is worth 5 rs in a street side stall and 100 rs in a CCD or barista! The multinational corporations that have ruined the mom and pop business all the in the name of creating shareholder weath have laid their eyes on India as well. There is no humanity left in the chain food business! Thats the only way they can make money. By denying the very humanity of food and focus only on packaging, location and ambience.

  4. this is ridiculous. you will get high quality idly and vada for not more than 10 - 20 rupees outside. i understand there are various charges those vendors need to pay, but the price they charge for basic food is outrageous.

    coming to part 1 of your post, the tariff was reduced to make it affordable for common men and the items which are available in those shops are of no use for common men like us. and totally agree with you, people need things for emergency. and that old bangalore airport was so nice and convenient for people like us.


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