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Amidst the dark and grey shades increasingly engulfing, invading and piercing deeper and deeper, let me try to enjoy the little smiles, genuine greens, and the gentle breeze. Oh! Creator! If you don't exist, my vain!
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Why I start loving March!

Last year, this time I wrote ‘Why I hate March!
I got several responses to that article.
When I look back, I realize that March went off pretty cool!
All Virgos, people say, are hurry worry warts!

As I face another March, some of my friends enquired: ‘How is this March treating you?’
I said, it is wonderful!

I am saying this not because this March is not without its attendant difficulties. But my own introspection and the responses from many readers and friends have taught me one very important lesson:

The need to understand that the problems we face in our daily lives are very trivial when compared to the countless blessings that we have!


Life can be compared to a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables - With various shades, shapes, flavors, and taste. Some are bitter, some are too sweet. The bitter ones would ultimately prove to rejuvenate us. Some may look colourful from outside, but could be stale within. If we don’t use the bounty on time, worms would slowly settle within and we would not be able to consume. There could be thorns, which we need to remove carefully. There may be a very tough outer covering that would refuse to get peeled off. But patience, perseverance and timely response would make us relish the platter that life brings, in the most satisfying way.

Wishing a happy March to all of you!

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  1. Thank God that time takes us to another angle of life from where we view the same thing so differently. You changed from Hate to Love in one year's time, though March was and is the same! No wonder the Good Lord gives us the same days, months, and seasons from birth till death, to change our views on them. The way we view changes our views! Sindhu

  2. My hubby is too virgo. But on the contrary, I feel March is the best time for virgos, because this when a virgo's organising, work management skills get their due recognition and applaud. My hubby, a charted accountant, always prepares for March in advance, all bills and taxes paid, dues cleared, yes! His office hours do take a longer route because of all the closing business.

    And for me March just breezes past, leaving me enjoying spring, because owing to a CA husband, I do not have to worry about finances and returns :D


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