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Amidst the dark and grey shades increasingly engulfing, invading and piercing deeper and deeper, let me try to enjoy the little smiles, genuine greens, and the gentle breeze. Oh! Creator! If you don't exist, my vain!
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Prisoners of Life


Child is a prisoner of parents
Parents are prisoners of their grown up children
Student is the prisoner of the school
Employee is the prisoner of the employer
Union is the prisoner of the politician
Wife is a prisoner of husband
Husband is a prisoner of wife
Lovers are prisoners of each other
Patient is the prisoner of the doctor
Doctor is the prisoner of the hospital
Priest is the prisoner of his religion
Servant is the prisoner of the Master
Minister is the prisoner of his party
Citizen is the prisoner of the state
Animals are prisoners of man
We are all prisoners of life
And death is the prisoner of destiny

        ( Freedom is a myth! )

                                      © Sibichen K Mathew

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  1. I'm reminded of a Malayalam film song which says that the tree is a burden to the earth, the branches are burdens to the tree, the leaves are burdens to the branches...

    What if we look at it the other way? The tree is a blessing, the branches and leaves are all blessings!

    Well, I'm not a naive positive thinker. I'm a smiling cynic.

  2. Very true Tomichan. We need to be optimistic and embrace everything with a pleasant temperament. Thanks for sharing your views.

  3. Rally, I feel the same...freedom is myth.. we are all prisoners ....prisoners of this society !

  4. we all are prisoners in life in many ways.................

  5. In each case, the reverse is also true - Master is a prisoner of servant, Party is a prisoner of minister, etc. Of course, FREEDOM IS A MYTH.

    Destination Infinity

  6. some imprisonment are not so unwanted, we have to agree.. let us be prisoners to truth rather than prisoners to prejudices.. and we have our elbow spaces even inside the prison.. we can enjoy those smaller liberties... if I am locked up inside a dark room and I have a little candle with me, why should not I light the candle and be happy as long as there is brightness... Reminded of Edmond Dantes, the Count of Monte Christo in his prison.. Ultimately he came out, is it not?


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