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Of Writer’s block, Ligament injury and the Lessons on care

‘Is everything fine?’
That was the question from many of my blog readers in the past few weeks.
“Why there were no new blog posts in the last two months?”

Yes, that was the longest ‘Lockout’ in the history of Cyber Diary. The reason was very simple. I was suffering from what generally called a ‘Writer’s Block’. I didn't feel like writing anything in the blog. I was watching my blog rank dropping from the eighties to the seventies and now to a pathetic 62.

There could be many diagnosed and 'undiagnosed' causes for the pathological condition. It is true that I had a fall resulting in an ‘ankle twist’ and ligament injury two months back. My leg was put on a synthetic cast for about 20 days and I walked with a crepe bandage for a few weeks. My mind was active. My body was active too. But I couldn't write anything.

Knowing very well that some of the past New Year resolutions exploded like a rocket mid-air, I had a few for this year too. The one that said I will have a blog post every week has already broken within the first fortnight!

What did my ligament injury teach me? Never say ‘No’, when someone tries to help. I used to politely refuse any help from anyone thinking that it will be a burden for that person. I had thought that I should not get unduly obligated. I now realized that it is nothing but pride that prevents us from taking the help of others. We need to depend on each other. It is necessary for true bonding between people.

My leg was sprained (ligament was injured because of the ankle twist) while I was attending a meeting in an unfamiliar city. I cannot forget the blessings I received through people whom I didn't know till that time. Mahesh and his team took me to the hospital. The doctor who was busy with his orthopedic surgery was kind enough to examine the X-Ray without any delay. As I couldn't move around, it was the local staff who packed my personal luggage. One of them brought an ice-pack and applied continuously on the injured area. Another gentleman went to the station and changed my tickets and got allotted a lower berth for comfortable travel. They brought two pillows so that I could keep my leg up during the travel. When I reached the destination early morning, my colleague was waiting for me with a hot cup of coffee in the flask.

Back home, my wife and children were too eager to assist me in everything. I enjoyed the privilege of being served meals on the bed. I didn't have to do any house hold chores I meticulously carried out earlier. I didn't have to rush to open the door when the bell rang. I could enter home with the shoes on and could keep them near my bed instead of the shoe rack kept in the balcony. My daughter didn't ask me to iron her uniforms in the mornings. I could blissfully sleep till late in the morning and got out of the bed only after the coffee and the newspapers were placed. My driver John took extra care of me wherever I went.

When we get an opportunity to be served by others, we need to accept that with humility and gratitude. That can motivate us to serve others, including the strangers, with added enthusiasm and sincerity. The world will become a better place when there is continuous caring and sharing between people. A realization that we cannot live without depending on others can strengthen our relationships with others. That can certainly shatter our ego, selfishness and pride.

Wishing all readers a very Happy New Year! 

Post what you feel about this below or mail me at sibi5555 (gmail). 

                                                                     © Sibichen K Mathew

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