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10 unpleasant facts about Facebook



        Don’t think that your status updates and posts are reaching everyone in your friends list. It reaches only about 12% of people in your friends list. So don’t worry, if you don’t get ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ from many friends.


     Nothing you update, contribute, comment or like in FB is erased permanently. Even after you deactivate your account, the data remains.

(yahoo news)

       Many educational institutions check the facebook history of the students. Most of the employers check the FB before selecting an employee. FB data of yours can tell about how much time you have spent in FB, what are the posts you have put, who are your friends, what ideas you supported, etc. Some diplomatic missions and international agencies also check the FB profile and timeline.

       Many countries have very stringent punishments for offences related to social networking. In India, criminal action can be initiated against you  if your comment or what you post or share in FB, is directly or indirectly
  • -          Offensive
  • -          Menacing
  • -          False
  • -          Causing annoyance
  • -          Causing inconvenience
  • -          Causing danger
  • -          Causing obstruction
  • -          Causing insult
  • -          Causing injury
  • -          Causing criminal intimidation
  • -          Enmity
  • -          Hatred
  • -          ill will
  • -          sending message to cheat or deceive people 
   Therefore, be careful while liking, commenting, or sharing posts in FB. Also, one should know that FB is the Number 1 platform in the world where lies are spread instantly across the world. If you are not sure of the authenticity avoid sharing, liking or commenting. Think again before pressing the Enter key.


        Be very careful about accepting friend requests. A few of them enter with fake gender identity and profile photo. If the request is suspicious, look at their friends lists. You will get a clue about that person. Many dubious businesses thrive (including the oldest one) through FB platform! There are also several cyber criminals and representatives of terror outfits with fake names sending friends requests. Don't just go by list of mutual friends. 


(unidentified google image)

  Facebook has absolute ownership of the entire data, photos and everything shared through FB. It is not prevented from using that for any other purpose.


        Every facebook user should customize the privacy settings including your option to approve the photos posted to your timeline by others before they are visible to others. Exercise your option not to share your ad-likes to third parties. Your FB activity can be accessed by persons other than your friends who can monitor the activity in the ‘happening now’ feeds.



       Keep your private information private, if possible. (What is private, you have to judge yourself). Don’t geo-tag your location in real time.


     Many apps shared in FB have malware embedded. Some would have spyware also. Therefore, don’t click on every app requests/utility/game/page popped up in the side bar or shared by others.

     You can be creative and re-creative in FB. But Facebook kills the creativity in the real world. Limit the time you spend in FB.


Success germinates outside the walls of facebook.
So get set and jump the Facebook wall and return 
with a glory to post!  

Sibichen K Mathew

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       Truth shall set us free


  1. Worth reading and informative. After reading this, I have posted the address of this blogspot for the information of our face book friends. Thank you Sir.

    1. Hi sir, Well written article and easy to understand. The clarity in your post is just excellent and I could assume you are an expert on this field. This will serve as a reminder. I'm looking forward for you next post. I hope your next post will be about
      buy twitter followers.

  2. This was an eye opener. Though exercise every precaution while working at FB but youngsters don't. Thank god, 10-years old is still not bitten by FB bug. I will keep this post handy for the appropriate time.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Meenakshi, we can see parents opening FB accounts for even their nursery school kids these days!

  3. Thanks for the information. All the points are valid. Initially I did not know that companies used to check FB profile. Now I share posts accordingly :)

    Village Girl

  4. Very well written..I liked this post and agrees too...Never write anything esp negative about ur professional life shud be just fun thing reflecting mostly personal life without taking names..

  5. you are right ... one must come out of the FB world ... its like a totally diff world out there and one has to be very cautious about posting or sharing personal stuff as well.

    1. We need not come out of FB. It has advantages too. But we need to be cautious!

  6. Very true, Sir. Agree with you on all points. We have to be very careful about what we share. Thank you for this post. :)

  7. That was interesting and enlightening.

  8. awesome post about creating awareness !! you have covered most of points that i thought of to write about :) great work sir.

    1. Thanks for letting me know that you hold the similar views!

  9. Thanks for this article...Completely Agree with the points . The first person I want to share this with is my son !

  10. This is good one....Liked the last message the most
    "Success germinates outside the walls of facebook.So get set and jump the Facebook wall and return with a glory to post! "


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