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Amidst the dark and grey shades increasingly engulfing, invading and piercing deeper and deeper, let me try to enjoy the little smiles, genuine greens, and the gentle breeze. Oh! Creator! If you don't exist, my vain!
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About my top blog posts in 2012

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Wishing all my readers a very happy 2013

Had the world ended on Dec 21, we wouldn't have been alive today to enjoy this divine gift of life. Let us create value for ourselves so that we are in demand. Our value can be measured by the number people who consider us worthy to love, associate and depend. Let us broaden our heart and mind and equip ourselves by using every moment of this precious life to add value. Wishing you very valuable and blessed moments in 2013 that you will cherish for ever!

I would like to give following alternative titles to my blog 'CYBER DIARY'.

ONE:  'Red light musings' (because most of the ideas have generated when I spent considerable time stuck in traffic signals or in traffic jams in a highly populated and fast growing city with inadequate infrastructure)

TWO: 'Beyond Iron Cage'. (This Weberian term is apt because it is surprising that I get creative ideas though trapped in an iron cage decorated with red tape)

THREE: 'Stress buster'. (Even when I am subjected to inevitable stress, I get solace when I write on the Cyber Diary) 

Or instead of changing the title, I should say that "Cyber Diary is a stress buster that gives red light musings beyond an iron cage'. 

2012 was a good year for Cyber Diary. It found more regular readers from various countries. That has put a pressure on me. Many started asking: 'When is the next post coming?'. I started a Serial Fiction in 2012. Was fascinated by the excellent response from many readers. But I have temporarily suspended the continuation of the story. May be, the balance 'episodes' would find a place in the blog soon.

Thanks to all readers for the comments given offline and online. Thankful to Paulo Coelho for taking my blog to his millions of readers thanks to the story of a little girl. 

Here are the top 10 posts in 2012 in terms of maximum viewing. You can click on the title to read, if you have missed any. Don't forget to share the articles with your friends. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


Of Sunanda Pushkar, Mallus and the Sexual escapades

(The paradoxical malayali mindset and related behavioural aberrations were demonstrated in full media glare recently in Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram.......)


This is a real life story about a person who achieved success in spite of various adversities early in his life. Lessons for all!


Facebook is very popular among all of us. What are the hidden dangers and precautions? 


Dancing with Maharaja: An Inspirational Novel for the Civil Services Aspirants

Review of a book depicting a young man's journey to get into the IAS


 An article in the context of Honduras prison tragedy and VVIP prisoners in India. 
We should not make the prisoners worse than they were when they entered the cells. In fact, each prisoner should be a reformed man when he is released out of the jail.


Motivation comes from all around. We may not know sometimes who influenced us. But we should realize that bulk of the credit for the virtues we have, goes to some ordinary individuals with extra ordinary lives. They are not 'below' us. I feel, they are much above us!


People crave for data and information about others for various reasons. And there are individuals and groups who use the information for criminal activities.  In such a scenario, one needs to be guarded about his personal data and preferences.


You are now confused! Whom you should listen: the freewill or conscience?


If many politicians are corrupt, we have as many corrupt bureaucrats, sports persons, activists and religious leaders. There is no sector of the population which is untouched by the evil of dishonesty, nepotism and corruption. We need to rank which profession is corrupt based on the opportunity to be corrupt.


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