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Am I the best Dad? I think I am not!

Today, on Father’s Day, my daughter gave me a wonderful gift. Yes, every father has a day! I was glad, not because of the beautiful gift (see my article ‘Who hates gifts?’) but the effort my daughter took to grab extra pocket money from me to go to the nearby shop alone the other day telling that she needed to buy some stationery urgently. 

The question that I asked her looking at the gift and reading the words on it, irritated her a bit. Her elder brother also joined her in the displeasure on posing that to her. I had asked: ‘Am I the best Dad?’ They both joined together and attacked me for asking such a ‘stupid’ question. Though my son was angry with his sister for deliberately omitting his name in the greeting card, he supported his sister and was vehement that I shouldn’t have asked such a question to her when she took so much pain to get beautiful gifts to mark the occasion.

I clarified my statement with a supplementary one and that made them angry further. I told them that I didn’t think I am a great father.

Why I said that I am not the best?

How can I be the best dad, when I always put an inflexible cap on the expenditure for your birthday dress and never allowed to have a birthday party the way most of your friends had?

How can I be the best dad when I used to not support your case when there was a dispute with your mother over selection of an item during shopping? Being a minor you had to agree to the ‘wisdom’ of the old. (Read about my shopping skills here)

How can I be the best when I used to yell to wake you up when you sleep comfortably in your cozy bed in the morning?

How can I be the best when I used to force you to have vegetables and other dishes that you don’t like? (Despite me keep changing the food preferences: See my confusion here)

How can I be the best when I used to show a grumpy face to you after meeting your teachers? (Read  the domestic situation after every parents-teachers meet)

How can I be the best when I said you don’t require spectacles when you insisted on a pair because you can’t see the letters on the board and all your pretty classmates have them. (Read 'An eye-opening stray thoughts'

How can I be the best when I shouted at you for not making your bed and cleaning your room, even when there was a housekeeper to do that?

How can I be the best when I used to sit in judgment over you watching your favourite TV channels? (Read about this:  My son don't watch the news )

How can I be the best when I screamed at you when you raised your voice just like me, learning from me?

How can I be the best when I refused to budge your desire to have a better car? (See the arguments on the car here)

How can I be the best when I stopped you from sending you for your favourite games?    (See Why? )

How can I be the best when I used to tell you to interact with grand uncles and grand aunts instead of gluing to internet? ( See Go back to roots )

How can I be the best when I used to be very stringent regarding your extent of exposure in the social media? (See these:  10 unpleasant facts about Facebook.   Privacy in a snooping world. Your privacy at risk in Google)

Tell me, with all these unreasonable restrictions, am I a best Dad?

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  1. For some kids, their dads are the best. Reason is love!
    Happy Father's Day :)

  2. Dear appa.... I don't think any of the above reasons have not made you the best dad for my brother or for me. Though those points have made me irritated always I don't think I will understand the reasons for that now but surely when I grow up.
    Love you so much
    Your naughty daughter
    Nilima - 19.7.16

    1. Hi Nilima !
      Well said .. I roped in Srujana .. while reading the article
      - Sagi / 019-B2-Gnaga .. Say our Hi's to Mom, Dad and Brother.

    2. Hi Mr. Mathew .. Discovered you .. thru your Blog on theUglyIndian !!
      Roped in my daughter Srujana while reading your Fathers Day Special .. while exchanging .. Knowing Pauses .. and Hearty LaughS! Hope yal had a Happy Family Day -Sagi, 019-B2, Ganga.

  3. I think the story of Birbal showing to Akbar one of the ugly poverty ridden child being addressed as chaand ka tukda by its mother will explain why each child considers their parent to be the best. I throw my weight on the side of your wonderful kids and its time you just cherished their love, Sir.

  4. Thanks a lot! Will definitely do that

  5. Being a father has its delights and pains.

  6. Sibi, your daughter's comment has answer, that you are the best for her. In spite of all the above rules and regulations kids love the parents the most. Because they know the reasons behind our rules and yellings, though they get irritated by them. Cheers, happy father's day.


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