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Terror attacks: What is our responsibility?

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While engaging in very virulent remarks against the government whenever there is an occurrence of terror crime, one should bear in mind two things:

First, India is much better equipped itself in checking terrorist actions, in spite of its huge population and unique and sensitive demographic parameters, as compared to many other countries.

Even in countries where much better surveillance, security and intelligence systems are in place, there are bomb blasts and other acts of terror.Very few citizens seem to appreciate or note that the security agencies have thwarted thousands of concrete plans of terrorists in the past. Still there is scope for better surveillance. Second, is there a responsibility for the citizens too in preventing terrorist actions? 

Most of us are reluctant to do these things:
a)   To take steps to know the identity of people staying in our neighborhood,
b)   To volunteer or assist in community policing,
c)   To report to the police whenever we encounter suspicious persons or activity, 
d) To ensure use of original identity particulars when taking or offering any service telephone/hotel/internet/tenancy/ travel etc.), and 
e)  To ensure strict security around our residential colonies and private establishments. 

Summary: Instead of or in addition to blaming the government, let us try to do our part in citizen’s responsibility.

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Samir  well said..

Bhavana  cool! I do support community is a great way to safegaurd ourselves and also develops a better network for police to work..but I also worry given our jugaad mentality how we can convert community policing into taking revenge...

Sibichen Mathew But advantages are more over the cited disadvantage Bhavana

Punam  agree with u Sir

Ananya  agree...well written

Sukumar  But what about play of politics by so called secularists ?

Deepa  Amen!

Moorthy  remember the Milk & Water Story???

Mohamed  Sharing Sibichen Mathew

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  1. Very well said! I wish more people had a sense of community and national responsibility!


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