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A student and also a teacher: Meet a few youngsters who have taken the road less traveled

Can anyone be a teacher? Can a student be a teacher? Yes, it needs only a little bit of empathy towards others that can propel the teacher within you! 

Let me introduce you to a few teachers who are students. 

Shashank who is from Chintamani near Bangalore, is the Campus Ambasaddor at iCare Group and Co-Founder at Sahasradeepa-‘YOU’th  for a brighter India. He is a student of Acharya Institute of Technology.

Shashank along with his friends Shrinidhi, Ramya, Surendra,Shrutika, Manohar and Naveen started what they call ‘smart classes’ (providing education through presentations and videos) for students from the villages.
Shashank and team in action

In the beginning of their fourth semester, they did a brain storming on how to bridge the gap between the standards of education of rural and urban students. They started with a small step.  They loaded their laptops with all materials required for the students from the rural schools and started visiting each school. They conducted several sessions for students from class 1 to class 8. They focussed on following subjects/areas.

•        Introduction to Computers.
•        Introduction to typing, paint, MS Word.etc.
•        Videos of rhymes
•        Videos of cartoons.
•        Videos on wild life.
•        Videos on Science.
•        Videos on image recognition.
•        Videos on skill testing.
•        Videos on memory testing.
•        Videos of kids around the globe.
•        Introduction to internet and its usage.
•        Google earth.
•        Realizing their hidden potential.
•        Importance of education in their life.
•        Counselling the girls(women empowerment).

•        Rights of children.

Student Nalini Reddy in the Sahasradeepa project

Student Govardhan teaching students
Student Hemika Reddy with her students

They initiated to projects (Vidyadeepa and Sahasradeepa to impart quality education. They tied up with govt schools in a bid to incorporate the smart class-room model in those schools which are often deprived of basic teaching equipments. 

Modern day tools like laptops, internet etc will be used to give the kids a better visualisation of their syllabus and more importantly, to bring the fun element back in learning.

(You can contact iCare Group at theicaregroup {})

Kavya Atreya

See my interview with Ms Kavya Atreya, who taught students from government schools while she herself was a college student:

 1. What was your inspiration in using your time for teaching?

Frankly I dont know what my inspiration was. But I always loved children and spending time with them. It started at home when I was teaching my brother who was 4 years younger to me and I loved it. I got an opportunity and grabbed it with both my hands.

2. Can you tell about the nature of different teaching work undertook/ being undertaken by you?

I have taught for 2 years being a part of a NGO called VSEI. First  year at shivanhalli school teaching kids below 7th grade English through different interactive and playful activities and second  year in a government school near NR Colony teaching kids art. We helped them to perform a play on Mahatma Gandhi and showcased it to their parents and friends. Thanks to my aunt who introduced me to these lovely children and it was a wonderful experience.

3.According to you, what is right or wrong with our present formal educational system?

I have studied in India and completed BE and right now doing my masters in the USA. So have seen how the education system is in both the countries. All I noticed was that in India there  is very unhealthy competition among the students these days putting the children under lot of pressure. Emphasis should be on learning than getting good marks.

4. Can you narrate any incident (one or more) that delighted you while you were teaching children?

Best moment would be the excitement on the children’s face whenever I had meetings with them. They would be eagerly waiting for me to be with them on Saturdays. We were so attached to those kids and the entire program was a wonderful experience

It is your turn now! 

Views are personal                           © Sibichen K Mathew

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  1. Truly inspiring Sir! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing our efforts in uplifting quality education. For all those who wish to join our cause, kindly click here: and get involved!


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