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Most viewed blog posts in 2010

2010 was the second year of Cyber Diary. That was the time when blogging tools became more user friendly. Most of the posts in 2010 were re-posts of articles written and published by me in other blog platforms prior to 2009. 

I have given below the blog posts that received maximum viewership in 2010.

There is  an extremely contrasting flip side for the ‘enlightened’ malayali culture. That is its ugly manifestations of the sexual impulsiveness emanated from a sexually repressed community with superficial value system. One can see several men who spread their wings of unfulfilled desires on hapless women in public transports and private domains.

The Sensual Mallu and the Web Culture

 The corporate scams and scandals happened in the world in the last few years are clear indications of the collusion between auditors and management in accounting frauds. Auditing, though considered as a vital institution has lost the credibility due to the manner in which auditing functions are performed.

Satyam: A case of worst audit failure

Some of the good movies I watched in 2010.. I strongly recommend these movies. Don’t miss them , if you get a chance to see.

Movies I recommend -2010

Examine yourself what habit of yours is productive for you? And what makes you unproductive?

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Leaders

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  1. I have read 2 posts already Cibi. :)Missed the two. Will read it again.


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