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The lunch BOX: Tasty and Refreshing

Don’t go for this movie, if

-you are looking for fancy costumes
-sharp dialogues
-Great dance moves
-Romantic thrills

You should definitely see this movie if you want to enjoy the story and the acting by looking at the eyes, facial expressions, gestures, and the silence of the actors.

The movie would trigger in you….

Happiness:    How much happiness love and care can bring?

The pain of loneliness:  Do we know it?

The hope:   The only thing which can brighten a depressed soul

And it is not just serious stuff. There are plenty of lighter moments. 

And you understand that,

one need not require too many words to express one’s gratitude. 
relationships find meanings in silence.
every human being craves for attention and love.
one should not forget that the love of dear ones should never be taken for granted.

Even if the above do not interest you, watch this movie for its superb acting and direction.

I do not wish to narrate the story-line here. If you ask me to describe the entire theme in one sentence, here it is:

‘ A story of two lonely souls who found each other accidentally without even meeting each other’

Irrfan Khan  and Nimrat Kaur  lived (not ‘acted’) the role of  Saajan Fernandez and Ila.
Nawazuddin  Siddiqui did a wonderful job as Shaikh (You will definitely admire this gifted actor, a product of National School of Drama))
And Dabbawalas of Mumbai acted as Dabbawalas of Mumbai! (A case study in many top management institutes)

               Ritesh Batra                      (Photo:

Future of Indian Cinema is bright because of persons like Ritesh Batra. He did the screenplay and direction for The Lunchbox. 

                                                                    Sibichen K Mathew

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  1. Brilliant movie! The director has brought life to many small but important moments that we otherwise take for granted. A must watch for all.


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