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Does Cricket Hype has killed the unlimited and diverse sporting talents of the people of the world?

Public opinion is the most powerful tool for change. No one can ignore unbiased views of people who observe things in perspective. History is shaped by expressions of a few thinking people irrespective of the power that wield or reign at different historical, cultural and structural contexts.

Now, express your opinion on the following:

Does Cricket Hype has killed the unlimited and diverse sporting talents of the people of the world?See some interesting comments sent by people


Cricket Vs Football !
If we think' out of india' it is not

I think cricket hype never killed the sporting talents of the peoples of the world. The best example i like to quote is the less turned crowd in the recent cricket world cup. Whether it happens in Football World Cup? NO!
(indian situation may be diffrent)
Deepu RV


Cricket Team is not INDIAN ARMY !

Come on friends give the cricket team a break.... they are not the indian army who fought and lost its a game and loosing or winning is a part of any game. its the media that creates so many issues. so let the team play the game and let the spectators enjoy it just as a game...:)



Nothing wrong with Cricket but for your approach !

A Cricket was to me nothing but a non-descript insect that would rarely be airborne. But that was before coming to India... I heard about cricket in 1978 and started playing thanks to a BDM bat gifted by my uncle. I have loved cricket ever since and I wield the bat and spin the ball at any opportunity.... but I don't remember the time I sat myself down for more than 15 minutes to watch even a finals...Personally, don't think there is any problem with Cricket.... its with our approach... our obsession with the game.

Cricket has lessons aplenty to offer...think of the immense possibilities that unfolded...Kerry Packer introduced cricket entertainment, cricket was responsible to challenge Apartheid and inspire diplomacy, Imran and Chapell brought strategy to the game; Bradman, Gavaskar and later Sachin took us to the limits of the bat; Clive Lloyd and Viv Richards beat the whites at their game; Abdul Khader, Bedi and Kumble showed us that the ball can defy gravity and laws of aerodynamics, Dennis Lillee used the ball to beat the sound barrier if not light, Cronje erred but owned up his folly and kept his integrity intact, Imran Khan has wage a battle against cancer thru and lately Woolmer brought techniques, empiricism and integrity to cricket.

And...don't forget...there are many who live of it....starting from the players, the umpires, the curators, the groundsmen, the vendors who sell you pop corn and the beer (there are people who cook, brew, and pack it too), people who sew up the T-shirts and put up the hoardings... now consider is it a waste? If Kerry Packer had transformed a drab, 5 day long, boring match played by Men in White, into something as fascinating as ODIs... why can't we transform ourselves and the people around us. Let's challenge this thought... let's mix business with pleasure and Cricket our lives.

Sonny Jose



The Unwarranted Hype !
Yes!The hype and overcommercialisation combined with excessive electronic media buildup over the past few years(not just this world cup alone)has closed the options for correct projection of many other sports on the country and consequently their talents.


New Delhi


From an unashamed FANATIC of Cricket !
Cricket is a game played by just a handful of nations, if you exclude
Minnows like Bermuda and Scotland. If the hype about the game has
caught the nation's fancy, the reason is that we think, 'well!here is
a game where at least we can dream of becoming world beaters'. We
simply refuse to accept that a nation of one billion people cannot
produce a single olympic champion or a champion team in a sport taken
seriously by nations all over the world. So we place all our hopes on
Cricket to salvage our national pride. Our cricket stars ride the wave
of elation and euphoria in the build up to the world cup, but once
they are out in the middle, the burden of expectations weigh heavily
upon them. More the hype, the greater the fall from grace.

May be all the hype has not done cricket any good. May be the hype was
at the cost of other games. But to suggest that we don't produce world
champions in other sports because we are a cricket-centric nation, is
stretching things too far. Show me one team sport where our national
team at least showed some promise, if not performance. If you are
suggesting Hockey, please remember that the last time we were World
Champions was a good thirty two years back. Forget the Olympic gold
medal in the truncated Moscow olympics of 1980 and our national sport
has no great feats to boast of in the last three decades. If I am a
corporate giant and I want to put my money in some sports other than
crazy cricket, is there any chance that some one could really come up
with a sensible piece of advice?

Like it or not, we are a nation of cricket romantics who pin our hopes
on our Sehwags and Tendulkars and Dhonis to thrash the daylight out of
Mcgraths and Akhtars and Flintoffs at least once in a while so that we
can sit glued before the idiot box, forgetting work, forgetting stress
and scream with joy in the company of friends and family. No other
game gives us the opportunity to flaunt our analytical ability and
flair for statistics. Just as there is mass euphoria about cricket
there is also mass post mortem of a lost game. We are forever ready to
offer quick fix solutions for the men in blue and share our remedies
wih not just our near and dear but even with downright strangers. God
knows how many friendships have been forged in sharing latest scores
and cricket trivia in a long train journey or a bus stand or a pan
shop! All said and done, cricket is a great leveller and a great
unifying force.Fat chance that any other game would ever mantle this
role, even if, godwilling, they throw up world champions year after

So stop blaming it on cricket. As an unashamed fanatic I would like to
believe that other games just doesn't have it in them to take the same
stage as cricket. But yes, I do change my opinion every fourth year
when the football fever takes over. For me, that one month is a
reality check about which is well and truly the real World Cup

Vasudevan IFS

Cricket Blocks Development !

Of course it did ,

why doubt

ban Cricket and India would be a thousand miles closer to development

mkgsj, Thiruvananthapuram

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