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An Afternoon with Indibloggers

When I got the alert for the Indiblogger Meet on October 3rd, I never thought it would be such an exciting and thrilling event! More than 250 vibrant bloggers assembled at the cozy conference hall of the Fortune Group hotel. The warm reception given by the Indiblogger team (the Indi-mentors and Indi- anchors) was very innovative. The omni present Indi-police instantly displayed the name of every entrant on two giant screens and monitored every moment and movement within the hall. All smiles everywhere.

Entire hall was engulfed with positive vibrations as it was full of creative thinkers bubbling with ideas, and prepared to share and care for each other! They were enthralling moments as participants introduced themselves and their presence in the blogosphere. Blogs are powerful instruments for social change. It was clearly evident: these Indibloggers have a strong mission and a clear vision for the country.

Many shared their experiments and experiences of life in the blogging world. Some were obsessed with self-promotion aimed at increased traffic.

Those who craved for comments on their blogs had to satisfy themselves with the ‘You scratch my back: I scratch your back’ poster game. Indiblogger team should have introduced something new instead of this oft repeated exercise. An opportunity to know others head on was lost due to the temptation for back scribbling.

Live discussion forum managed by indipolice could have been made rich in content by devoting more time. I found the indiblogger team very tolerant as a few overstretched the time limits.

Hp and its cheerful team contributed their best for motivating the Indibloggers. Fortune people need to understand a bit more in the art of partnership. Blame it on the Indiblogger team for such a distasteful marketing sermon by the partner at the very beginning of the meet.

At the end…I felt as if all got over too soon. Waiting for more such wonderful experience with Indibloggers.

Recent comments from Indi bloggers
Hi Sibi

'Cyber Diary' is a real treat. Clean and neat presentation. Some well chosen thoughts. Lively narration. Striking graphics.

I wish this review of mine spurs my co-bloggers to take a look at this excellent blog.

And Sibi, keep writing. Your style is bound to build an audience soon.

I liked your comments ‘You scratch my back: I scratch your back’ . Its true and better to dispense with.
(Shri Ram Ayyankar)
Wonderful Indibloggerrs..Happy to be a part of it

You scratch my back...I scratch yours...

heya! nice review

really looking forward for the next meet
Hi Sibi, Good to know you and your blog. Agree with your views. Since we were running out of time, we wanted to cut it short to make room for other items on agenda. Look forward for the next meet already


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