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Amidst the dark and grey shades increasingly engulfing, invading and piercing deeper and deeper, let me try to enjoy the little smiles, genuine greens, and the gentle breeze. Oh! Creator! If you don't exist, my vain!
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From the archives of Cyber Diary


Leave Me Alone: Right to Privacy in a Snooping World

No privacy anymore? A critica.... (A critical look at Google's privacy policy)

The ‘missing’ Narayanan and the Auto Raja- A living angel

The 'Lucky Peanuts', Men of God, and the Scientific Temper

Are you ready to pay for the ‘real’ news?

Who hates gifts? Of bouquets, gifts, and mementos

Teach a lesson to your children who love your property and not you: Try Reverse Mortgage

You can be a true historian by going back to your roots

'Marry my daughter if you want to become a babu' : The corruption in the job recruitment

Terror attacks: What is our responsibility?

How long the women of Chamoli could hug the woods? OR Who is responsible for Uttarakhand Calamity?

Faceless libraries in a Facebook age: Read what is happening inside some of the libraries

The tongue has no bones: The need for 'speech therapy'!

Stop this harassment! A cry for deschooling India

Markets and Corporates: Fr (From economic rationalism to sociological realism)

10 unpleasant facts about Facebook

Some public perceptions about honest people

Keep your cell phone away; go back to your landline!

Of Sunanda Pushkar, Mallus and the Sexual escapades

Paid news: One more reason to get away from all the NEWS!

An Ordeal called School Admission

All that glitters is gold !

The Festival of Bandh

Hey Doctor! Why are you in a hurry?


A Journey with cockroaches: The ‘static’ Indian Railways and the public woes

'Kill the rapist': The state and the death penalty

Chit funds, my mother and the Saradha scam

Indian Passport in 7 days

A tax on unhealthy indulgences!

The institutional child abuse: What is the panacea?

A miracle called India!

Save our Sports!

Who trusts the Auditors?

Prisons under fire! It is time authorities wake up

Frauds, Scams and a Corporate Lokpal

Can we have a people's airport? Part-II

Red light Musings: Bangalore Traffic Escapade

Can we have an airport for 'people'?

Satyam: A case of worst audi (audit failure)

Indian Passport in 7 days


Voluntary Simplicity: A virtue for prosperity and wellbeing

10000 steps a day: Is it possible?

“If anybody wants to see us, you have to break open the door”!

For a happy life: A Little Wisdom for the Holy Week

Tell Me, What Should I Eat?

Truth shall set us free

A True Telephonic Story

The Sensual Mallu and the Web Culture

Excuse me…I forgot your name…

The low cost window dressin  (window dressing of life)


Ordinary person; extraordinary life: A simple real life story for aspiring managers

Why she loves butterflies? A conversation with an Installation Artist

A Chartered Accountant with a difference

Edward Snowden, Aaron Swartz, and Julian Assange: Who made them what?

Eat well to lose weight: Tips from an enlightened foodie!

Walmart beware: There are many Davids to challenge you in the globalized world

For inspiration, don’t always loo  (don't always look up; look down too)


Where there is a will, there is a load!

Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility: Let companies compete for doing the best

Citizens beware! The new private bureaucrats, the crime, the corruption and the red-tapism

Towering bosses

Speeches by the dignitaries and the art of outsourcing

Peanuts or Cookies: Still there will be Monkeys!

You are what your Boss is!!

Why bosses don’t smile?


Caretakers : A Short Film

With Auto Raja- An Angel for the beggars and the unwanted

The Imprint


The unborn love

The Imprint

Prisoners of Life

The bird of paradise

The Heartbeats of Love
Goodbye to Gooseberry?
Communist Gospel according to Saint Lukose
Broken slate and a lovely dream
Hot rice in an emotional bowl
All she needs is love


Aleph, Paulo Coelho and my Friend: The Journey Within

Goat Days: A real-life story of a young man's journey to loneliness

Manuscript Found in Accra: A Review

Evolution of Modern India -An interesting voyage with speakers who made history

Speeches that Changed the World

Built on Trust: The living legend who magnified an event called LIFE

Dancing with Maharaja: An Inspirational Novel for the Civil Services Aspirants

Julian Assange: A Criminal or 

Choose the book and start living


‘Shahid’ : A movie review

The lunch BOX: Tasty and Refreshing

Beware of fake searches: Le

Movies I recommend


Have you ever been to Karwar beach?

About the recent trip to Kerala

Inhuman act: But do not write off Air India


The Bangalore Literature Festival and a few thoughts to ponder

Snapshots of TCS Marathon 2013: Creative ideas

Stiglitz says, one-third wealth of United States is with the top one per cent!

A Day with Dalai Lama

Art and Income Tax: Strange 

An Afternoon with Indibloggers

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Le


A few birthday thoughts: The suicide of a 'skinny' boy

ഒരു പത്തുവയസുകാരന്‍റെ
 വിശുദ്ധവാര ഓർമ്മകൾ

A ten year old’s Holy Week memoirs

My midday break with the pearl (pearls from the slum)

Why I dare March

My Maruti 800 Story

A letter to myself on this birthday!

Why I start loving March!

Today is my birthday!

Why I hate March!

Tomorrow is my birthday

My son! Please don't watch the news


Of A K Antony, St Thomas and the gospel of truth

The return of the fisherman: The new Pope and a few hopes for a third Vatican Council

In search of a Christmas Card

Another Christmas sans Christ


Does Cricket Hype has killed 


Thank You Readers.....

Cyber Diary has not posted any new articles in the last few weeks. Cyber Diary will be back with more interesting stuff after a few days.

I never knew that you valued this blog and its articles so much. In the last few days, I received many mails, FB messages and calls asking me why Cyber Diary is inactive.
I am very thankful to you for your concern and your love towards Cyber Diary.

Why this long break?
I do not have any ready answer right now!
But it has nothing to do with March and its usual accompaniments!
For the time being, read my earlier posts about March!!

Why I dare March  (March 2013)
Why I start loving March (March 2012)
Why I hate March (March 2011)

Please don't go away! I would like to be with you after a short break!!

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