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Amidst the dark and grey shades increasingly engulfing, invading and piercing deeper and deeper, let me try to enjoy the little smiles, genuine greens, and the gentle breeze. Oh! Creator! If you don't exist, my vain!
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“If anybody wants to see us, you have to break open the door”!

Shaming JNU

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10000 steps a day: Is it possible?

My Maruti 800 Story

Why I hate March?

Why I start loving March?

Tell me! What should I eat?

Inhuman Act: But do not write off Air India

A day with Dalailama

Some public perceptions about honest people

Hey Doctor! Why are you in a hurry?

Truth shall set us free!

Sensual mallu and the web culture

About my recent trip to Kerala

All that glitters is gold!

An ordeal called School Admission

My son, don't watch the news!

why bosses don't smile?

A true telephonic story

Damning the culture: Dams and the right to livelihood

Towards an Integrated Rural Health Care Mission

Does cricket hype has killed the unlimited talents of the people?

Public Companies into diversification mode?

Tomorrow is my birthday!

Today is my birthday!

Movies I recommend

An afternoon with Indibloggers

Art and Income Tax: Strange confluence

The spirit of Christmas

Another Christmas sans Christ

Writing on the wall: My East India Tour

Peanuts or Cookies: Still there will be monkeys!

Prisons under fire!

Dancing with Maharaja- An inspirational story for the civil services aspirants

Who trusts the auditors?

Letter to Grandma

Hot rice in an emotional bowl!

Satyam: A case of worst audit failure

Frauds, Scams and a Corporate Lokpal

No privacy anymore: Critical look at Google's new privacy policy

Once upon a time it was God's own country

The bird of paradise

The heartbeats of love

Goodbye to Gooseberry

Save our Sports

Built on Trust (A Book Review)

Paid News: One more reason to get away from all the news

Edward Snowden, Aaron Swartz, and Julian Assange: Who made them what?

How long the women of Chamoli could hug the woods? OR Who is responsible for Uttarakhand Calamity?

'Kill the rapist': The state and the death penalty

A few birthday thoughts: The suicide of a 'skinny' boy

Teach a lesson to your children who love your property and n...

The unborn love

The 'Queen', the Marriage and the Tears

Kuriakose Elias Chavara: A forgotten social revolutionary 

An eye opening stray thought

The art and craft of smiling

Suicide of Salomi and a few questions to ourselves

The Caretakers: A short Film

Story of a pigeon family

When trust is sold

Why do I yawn during shopping?

Hey Doctor! Why are you in a hurry? Part-II

A mother who learnt from her teenage daughter

Are you an opportunist? 

ഒരു കുരിശുചുംബനത്തിന്‍റെ വില

The beginning of real history?

Are you a chatterbox?

Save the Jeans: Vulgarity is in the mind of the believer 

When God starts staying in your neighbourhood

Ageing with grace and dignity

Strange hobbies: What is your hobby?

Adultery: A Review

Save your heart: Answers to your questions

Why some bosses chose to be inaccessible?

Sexual abuses and bosses

Another fatal infection in your backyard

Where are the footpaths? 

Airlift: A Review

The one who doesn't mind

The limits of tolerance

An eye on gold

4 Films I recently watched

Paradise lost and regained: A book review

Port out, if you are not satisfied

The great Indian gall bladder stone scam

The Voice of the hunted

The Whimpers from the ventilator 


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