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Amidst the dark and grey shades increasingly engulfing, invading and piercing deeper and deeper, let me try to enjoy the little smiles, genuine greens, and the gentle breeze. Oh! Creator! If you don't exist, my vain!
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About me..

I live in India. It is difficult to tell you who I am. Multiple roles, multiple tasks and multiple projections-all inextricably intertwined. Therefore, I prefer to gain my identity through you. Through each one of you who interact with me online or offline, directly or indirectly, consciously or otherwise. Yes, you are my Looking Glass Self!

Why I blog?
It is a stress-buster. Gives freedom to express the creativity without adhering to the perspectives, priorities, and biases of the mainstream media.

Am I fit to write on all those diverse topics?
May be, to some extent.
When I read about  aromatic compounds, differential calculus, and thermodynamics for my degree, I never thought that soon I would plunge into the analysis of crowd behaviour, attitudes and social pathology. After mastering in social processes and the science of society , I moved with a UGC Fellowship to study environmental movements for about two years at JNU and got what is designated as MPhil, not because I took a course on Philosophy of Science. After 6 years of part-time slogging and taxing, I received a doctorate on a much hated subject and object called sociology of public finance. Spent another two years with an IIM to become what they called a specialist in public policy and management. But the most difficult and most enjoyable one was my LLB Course that made me topper in a few semesters. I studied 'International Public Policy’ at Syracuse University and ‘Corporate Taxation and Advocacy Skills’ at Duke University. Also underwent specialized courses on two important bi-products of techno-criminal world, ‘Cyber Crimes’ and ‘Money Laundering’. I am an Advance Competent Communicator of the Toastmasters International.

The more I learn, I find, how much ignorant I am. And that shatters my ego. Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge has added only pain.

Degrees are just an ornament to my title. It hasn’t added any value in my life and to my personality.

The Medals and Awards?
Most of the gold medals received by me have changed their colours like a chameleon after noticing that I have also lost my proficiency in many fields. Medals include those from the University of Kerala, Loyola College, National Police Academy and National Academy of Direct Taxes. I know I am no longer on the toppers list. I felt happier whenever I could make someone smile through my efforts than all those awards and recognition received from the organizations I worked.

My book?

My book "When the boss is wrong: The making and unmaking of the leader within you" is a best seller. The book is available in most online and offline stores. See details here

My book ‘Making People Pay:The Economic Sociology of Taxation’ is not for everyone. The book is for those who want to live in a civilized society. The book is not aimed to proselytize for a tax state. Nor it advocates a tax haven. And least about a prospective tax-free heaven. It only tries to answer some mundane but FAQs such as why people pay taxes? Why people hate taxes? What are the experiences of tax evaders? What is the politics, economics and sociology of tax enforcement? The book is available in the market for purchase. The book has been reprinted thrice. You can get details here.

What I do during my free time?
I don’t have free time.  I love to utilize every moment.
(Those who think I can) call me to teach, preach, mentor, motivate, inspire, and train.
I like working with children and youth. More inspired if they are marginalized.
I login to Facebook, less for sharing what I eat and where I go, and more for intellectual and emotional exchange of ideas and experiences. I blog and read. I direct short films.
I like to take long walks, chat and watch TV with family and dine out with them.
I like to observe people and their behaviour.

My weakness I want to get rid of?
Giving unsolicited advice to people.

When I am relaxed but not obsessed?
Loving the colours of life in its hues and shades

My faith
In the One that shows the Way to Truth and everlasting Life

When I feel guilty and depressed?
When I realize the leakages and wastages while doing a time audit

My asset?
I don’t get bored. Happy to have friends.  Happy in a group.   Happy to be alone.

And last, what I do to earn a living?
I am in an Iron Cage.  (Max Weber is true)

Where can you contact me?



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